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the cuts and pacing!!! l felt watching a movie, 2 times! excellent atmosphere and surprises, well executed, l hope you have a good night!


Very cool game Gallus. It really makes you feel what insomnia is and how living with insomnia could be.

the part where you keep teleporting around and I don't know what the heck is happening and I'm just trying to play the gad danged game

yeah that's great

I suffer from a little insomnia, not chronic or anything, I'm not losin' sleep over it, but it's still pretty hard to fall asleep most nights. I don't have nightmares, either, or dreams in general most nights, but a "fall-asleep-and-immediately-wake-up" kind of sleep.

 I guess it's better than nightmares

this was stressful and depressing. part of that was realizing i've been having terrible amounts of energy since the pandemic, probably because sleep has changed for me. i kind of needed to hear this. i'm sorry you deal with this, though know that this will help me. thanks!


This is great, really conveyed the feeling of insomnia. I particularly liked the forced pacing.

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Amazing. Your use of unexpected transitions at the end was wonderful.

incredibly effective at evoking fatigue, unease, fear, and hopelessness. i found the way you later on took advantage of the player taking sprites as their goal for granted particularly disorienting (and therefore engaging)!


fantastic use of space, movement and pacing! great piece!


the morphing rooms and sudden cuts.. amazing

the way you crafted each room?? amazing -- the few inputs that brought me to the next dream scape right as i was looking where to go, so good

really well done! i love the way you use color to convey feeling