Was anyone else traumatized by Digimon Tamers? I was traumatized by Digimon Tamers

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GenreInteractive Fiction
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super cool dude

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why does this game make me actualy like the d-reaper more?!!!

(also thanks for the game, it was interesting)


Honestly, the most intriguing bit is when it goes "You free up space..?"

As if D-Reaper performs a re-assessment of its mission, given how parameters of the world have changed... and then promptly returns to basic settings.

Well done! I think even people who haven't watched Tamers will understand this concept. Kind of reminds me of the idea of an advanced AI that is forced to do one job - like make paperclips - and so it eventually destroys the universe trying to make more paperclips. 


thank you! the paperclip thing reminds me tho; if you've never played it you might wanna checkout Universal Paperclips it's a whole game based on that premise and it gets weirdly deep by the end

Thanks, I'll check it out!



nice catch! i was a bit worried no one would bother to translate that lol

I love my encoded messages


Daaang... you fit a whole horror game into a 16x16 grid...